Men love a confident woman who would want to date herself.

    People want to work with a confident woman who radiates “I value myself.”

    My goal is to inspire and motivate change in your life. Deep. Life-long change.

    Change that will get you unstuck and draw you toward being the very best

    version of yourself. The loveliest, most intoxicating, beauty filled you.


    You + Me

    Become a magnet for what you desire.

    What you get:
    Pick an area of your life you’d like to change or a key problem you need to solve. In just one month, understand exactly what has been holding you back or preventing you from getting what you want. Learn how to magnetically get what you desire. Get the tools and strategies to obliterate obstacles.


    How it works:
    2-part mentoring program for 1 month.


    Part 1: An initial 2-3 hour session – just you and me on Skype or In Person in San Diego. We’ll uncover the obstacles & blocks that are limiting you in your daily life and you’ll learn the most powerful new way to go after what you really want – no matter what it is.


    Part 2: 3 weekly skype/phone calls (each 30 minutes) will teach you how to integrate this new way into your daily life, create an action plan to ensure lasting progress, learn how to apply these techniques to other areas of your life to create even more results.


    If you are ready to let go of your old patterns and ways of thinking and have a total shift in the way you feel about yourself and your life, contact me below or schedule a consultation. All sessions are done via Zoom video conferencing or in person in San Diego.

    1:1 COACHING

    You + Me

    Become a magnet for what you desire.


    What you get:

    Learn how to own your feminine power from the inside out.
    Know who you are and what you stand for and express it authentically and powerfully. Draw what you truly desire into your life. Cause massive, beautiful transformation in your relationships simply by being YOU. Be unapologetically you and get what you need. Cause people to wonder what in the world you are up to!


    How it works:
    6 months or 1 year of guided growth and learning to become the woman you are meant to be. 1-to-1 coaching with deep and permanent transformations! This is the place where dreams become reality! You will be inspired, find clarity, let go of blocks that you have held onto for most of your life. Your confidence will grow as you experience unshakeable inner beauty and shine, becoming capable of creating anything you want without force … it is the feminine power of BEING that creates amazing opportunities. Your light will shine and you will be intoxicating!


    All sessions are done via Zoom video conferencing or in person in San Diego. I only work with a handful of clients at a time. Please contact me below or schedule a consultation to inquire about current availability for private coaching


    You + Me + A small community of extraordinary women

    Effortlessly bring out the best in every relationship


    What you get:

    All it takes is one person to transform a relationship – be that one person. Learn how to own who you are from the inside out.
    Use your true power to bring out the best in your partner, family, colleagues and friends. Increase your magnetism and master simple steps for lasting change.



    How it works:
    18 weeks of transformation. Recorded calls with downloadable mp3s.
    Private community online. Created plan to ensure you have everything you need to experience the most fulfilling relationships from now on. In this program we meet as a group for 18 weeks and experience a lively and interactive combination of teaching, group coaching, discussion, & fun exercises.


    The program is designed to create lasting change in every relationship in your life, by taking simple, incremental steps with the support of like-minded women.


    In addition to each call, participants will have access to the private & exclusive online group where you can share, discuss, learn, & celebrate with your beauty filled community. To keep the things intimate, powerful and safe the group program is limited to 12 women.


    Please contact me below or schedule a consultation.


    Working with Charmaine is like taking the fast track out of confusion

    and into clarity. No matter how much work we may do on ourselves,

    and how strong our intuition, there will always be areas where we can benefit

    from support along the way. Charmaine has helped me get clear in multiple

    areas of my life where I was feeling stuck or confused.

    I’m so grateful for her and her intuitive abilities!”

    ~ Jordanna Eyre: Coach, Speaker, Founder www.youarewhole.com



    “I want people to see my authentic self and during our coaching sessions you

    reminded me of who I am and helped me become that woman again!

    You helped me jump ship from a corporate job to starting my own business.

    Before, I could not see outside of myself – I was so buried in frustration.

    Now I am able to be the bubbly me that my husband married and he, my family and

    I are so grateful! Thank you Charmaine! You make a difference in the lives you touch.”

    ~ Carol Strickler: Owner Strickler Insurance Services



    “I have spent so much of my life being afraid of being a burden to other people

    because of my illness and have hardly left my house in the last 5 years.

    I can’t believe that after just a few intensive sessions with you I feel free

    and look forward to getting out and spending time with family and friends.

    Thank you so much. You have changed my life” ~ Sheila P.


    I met Charmaine Haworth at the Trailblazers Retreat in Costa Rica. I felt slightly intimidated by her. She was radiant, kind, and confident in a way I hadn't witnessed before in a woman! I immediately softened when we started talking. Her vulnerability and kindness put me at ease, and I learned a lot by being around her. She's got warmth and presence and shared many insightful ideas with me through personal, beautiful, REALLY moving stories about her life. She gives incredible support on how to overcome challenge.
    ~ Ellie A. http://www.ellieaaron.com/​

    “Thank YOU, Charmaine, for your consistent positive messages, honest feedback

    and realistic advice. Your insightful guidance and your playful humor helps

    you give advice in way that is easily understood. You helped me to clarify

    my feelings and determine what my needs were. This in turn helped me to find

    my voice to express my needs in a positive way that can be heard and

    understood by others. Thank you, again!” ~ Michelle S.



    “Thank you for helping me feel like a girl! I have been hiding for so

    long. I feel comfortable in my skin for the first time in my life!

    You unlocked the door to letting the “real me” out and

    she is not going back! ~ Claire B.



    “Thank you again for a very inspiring workshop. You gave me a safe place

    to touch down deep into the painful places in my life and helped me

    let go of some old patterns and beliefs. I am looking forward to continuing

    the process in your group coaching program.” ~ Christina B.


    “Thank you so much for the workshop on Saturday! I had such a great time with everyone.

    I am really excited about our journey together this year and look forward to being part of

    the mind, body and soul experience of being 'beauty filled'.” ~ Tracey O.