Living in Africa, Pakistan, Indonesia, the UK, Thailand and currently San Diego,

    Charmaine discovered that the same fears and challenges affect human beings all over the world.


    She supports smart, successful men and women in letting go of

    destructive old patterns, and feeling deeply alive.
    Her clients love her deep insights, her calming presence and

    the powerful methods she uses to guide them in letting go of

    old beliefs and unlocking the secrets to honoring themselves.

    Charmaine believes that every human being deserves to feel

    amazing in their own skin, experience extraordinary relationships,

    and live a life filled with deep joy.

    "Charmaine is magical in front of a room. She is enrolling, engaging and your audience

    will be touched, moved and inspired by her message."


    "Charmaine is dynamic, smart and insanely magnetic."
    #21 The Power of story. How our childhood wounds affect our adult life,

    being a feminine and strong woman,and how your body is a compass.
    ~ Ellie Aaron, EllieAaron.com


    "Thank you for being such an amazing part of the day at Inner Goddess Unleashed

    - it was so wonderful having your radiant, feminine energy there."

    ~ Erinn McMurtrie, Inner Goddess Unleashed, San Diego, CA


    The Alpha Male Club


    The Bliss Project, San Diego CA


    School of Inner Beauty, San Diego, CA


    The Conference for Men, San Diego, CA


    Fearless Feminine Leader Mastermind


    Queen Mom Holiday Thrive Guide


    The Raw Truth About Entrepreneurship:

    Harnessing the Feminine to Create

    More Ease and Success in Your Work


    Sisterhood Mini Retreat:

    Manifest Magical Relationships

    and Create a New You, San Diego, CA




    Email info@charmainehaworth.com for availability and fees.

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